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Parashat Bereishit

Parashat Bereishit


The story of Adam and Eve’s eating of the forbidden fruit, a major topic in this week’s Torah portion, Bereishis, is perhaps the most famous of Biblical stories. Warned by G-d to refrain from eating fruit from the Tree of Knowledge that is in the midst of the Garden of Eden

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Shabbat and modern technology by Rav B. Horovitz

Shabbat and modern technologysingle wine cup

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The Ten Plagues - Lecture of 2nd of Shvat 5773

The Ten Plagues - Lecture of 2nd of Shvat 5773 10 plagues

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joint building Vayakhel  Pekudei

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Parashat Vayakhel & Pekudei

Parashat Vayakhel & Pekudeigold bullion 

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