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Counting the Omer part 2

rosh yeshivaCounting the Omer

Part 2 of the series in counting the omer  with Rabbi Boruch Horovitz.

קרא עוד...

How to become G-d like

God likeHow to become G-d like.

Inspiring lecture from Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Boruch Horovitz.

קרא עוד...

Lag Baomer by Rabbi Boruch Horovitz

lag baomerThe meaning of Lag Baomer

קרא עוד...

Derech Eretz with Rosh Yeshiva

derech eretzDerech Eretz

Lecture by Rabbi Boruch Horovitz.

קרא עוד...

The vision of Dvar Yerushalayim

students2The Ark & the Tent

This special video presentation describes the mission and vision of Yeshivat Dvar Yerushalayim.

קרא עוד...

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